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A special gift to go with your brand new eyes – a tree!

Here at My-iClinic we are giving all of our laser patients a very special gift to go with your brand-new eyes on the completion of your surgery, a tree! Now why would we choose to gift you a tree you might be wondering, it seems quite abstract, however keep reading and you will understand why this is not such a far-fetched idea.

When undergoing laser eye surgery, you may not realise but you are already making a positive difference to the environment. In a previous blog post we spoke about how much plastic ends up in our oceans through the use of contact lens wear, roughly your own body weight in plastic every 10 years or so. Laser eye surgery however uses only 80 grams of recyclable plastic and the treatment lasts forever! Now we want to take our impact on the environment a step further and this is where the gift of a tree comes in.

image detailing Ecotree

How it works

A company named ‘ecotree’ has come up with a clever way of promoting sustainable forest management whilst also ensuring a return for all investors. How it works is that we buy an existing tree at a set price and gift it to you, you therefore gain ownership of that tree. As the tree continues to grow it increases in value and once it reaches maturity it will be harvested and sold as a sustainable raw material. Three more trees are then planted in its place and all of the revenue generated from the sale of the wood is returned to you. It’s a win-win!

Our world is in need of our help and as a company we want to do our part in ensuring that our environments are preserved so that we still have a habitable planet for the generations to come.

Find out more about ecotree on their website

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