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Laser Eye Surgery

Our laser eye surgery procedures are a safe and highly effective alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses. Our specialist clinic is the perfect choice for anyone looking to correct their vision through laser eye surgery in London.

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What is laser eye surgery?

Also known as refractive light surgery, this optical procedure corrects vision problems by reshaping the cornea with focused laser light. Laser eye surgery treats poor vision to give you the freedom to ditch glasses and contact lenses, giving you a life of high-definition vision.

There is a selection of different types of eye laser surgery available such as LASIK, Presbyond and ReLEX SMILE each specialised to correct different vision problems. Laser eye surgery is a very simple procedure that can be completed in a matter of minutes, correcting long and shortsightedness as well as astigmatisms.

Our private laser eye surgery makes tiny adjustments to the surface of your eye, correcting imperfections to make your vision crystal clear. Our patients are often amazed at the speed at which they can live a fulfilling life free from glasses.

Laser eye surgery options

In order to find the right type of laser eye surgery for your circumstances, book a free consultation today and our specialist eye doctors will recommend the best course of treatment. At My-iClinic, we offer a choice of affordable laser eye surgery procedures.


The Most Popular Form Of Laser Eye Surgery

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Treatment For Over 40’s

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For People Who Aren’t Suited For LASIK

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Are you suitable for laser eye surgery?

Our laser eye surgery treatments are used to correct a number of different vision problems. If you rely on glasses or contact lenses to see and have healthy eyes, then laser eye surgery is a brilliant choice if you want to live with crystal clear vision.

Generally, patients are more suitable for eye laser surgery if they are aged under 45, but you must be over 18 years old to be eligible.

Our pre-surgery process

Before you get a laser eye procedure a specialist ophthalmologist will:

  • Conduct an in-depth eye examination – take the first step and book a free consultation now!
    Determine if your circumstances are eligible for treatment and discuss your options.
    Talk you through the possible side effects, risks and benefits of private laser eye surgery.
    Let you know what to expect before, during and after the procedure.
    Answer any questions that you may have.
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Laser eye surgery explained

What you need to know about laser vision correction

If you want to become independent from glasses or contact lenses, and your eyes are healthy, laser eye surgery is for you.

We use laser eye surgery to reshape the cornea at the front of the eye, altering the focus.

The algorithm in the software precisely predicts the new focus.

With laser eye surgery, we can help you achieve the vision you were always supposed to have.

Research shows that this procedure is safer than wearing soft contact lenses.

Sometimes the eye heals in an unexpected way, and the desired focus is not achieved.

Very rarely a severe complication can happen, and the vision can be permanently damaged. This scenario is rarer with this treatment than with soft contact lens wear.

While most people are suitable for laser correction, we may decide that another alternative may be more appropriate in a special case.

Sometimes it’s better to have a special contact lens put inside your eye or to replace the natural lens with an artificial one to achieve normal vision.

Almost all of our patients achieve normal vision and are free to live independent of glasses and contact lenses.

What vision problems can laser eye surgery treat?

At My-iClinic, we are able to treat a variety of prescriptions with laser eye surgery.

Reading glasses (presbyopia)

As we get older, our vision can deteriorate as the mechanism within our eyes naturally wears out and we begin to need reading glasses, referred to as presbyopia. Typically by age 45-50, we begin to struggle reading items up-close. Crystal clear vision can be restored with laser eye surgery procedures.

At My-iClinic, we offer Presbyond, a unique type of laser eye surgery specifically for people who do not want to wear reading glasses. Presbyond refocuses the two eyes to give them near and intermediate vision without the need for glasses, restoring youthful clear vision up close.

Short-sightedness (myopia)

Usually developing throughout childhood, short-sightedness affects approximately 25% of the UK population. Myopia means that the focusing power of the eye is too strong, causing distant objects to appear blurry.

To treat Myopia with laser eye surgery, we use the latest generation of technology, ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction). This type of refractive eye surgery uses a computer and robotics to calculate the exact dimensions of your cornea lens and cuts away the excess to give your eye a clear, natural focus without the need for glasses or contact lenses. With the ability to treat highly myopic prescriptions, ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery allows for rapid healing of the eye, reducing the presence of post-operative dry eye.

Long-sightedness (hyperopia)

Having long-sightedness is the opposite of Myopia and causes the focusing power of your eyes to be too weak. This causes an individual to see distant objects more easily than ones close-up.

To treat Hyperopia, we use both LASIK and LASEK treatments. Our specialist ophthalmic surgeons will carry out an in-depth consultation to assess your needs and recommend the best possible laser eye treatment for your circumstances.


Astigmatism is a condition that occurs when the shape of the eye is irregular and means that the eye can only partially focus, causing blurred vision no matter the distance of objects from the eye.

As a very effective treatment for astigmatism, laser eye surgery can correct blurry vision. We offer LASIK and ReLEx SMILE to correct astigmatism by reshaping the cornea to allow light to better focus on the retina, giving clearer vision.

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Discover world-class astigmatism treatments with My-iClinic

If you’re looking to live a life free of blurred vision and headaches, our industry-leading ophthalmologists are here to help you. After an initial consultation, we can discuss your situation with you to find the best course of astigmatism treatment for you.

If you’re ready to take that first step, either give us a call or book a consultation with one of our team members today.

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What do our Laser patients say?

We are proud to make a meaningful difference to our patients lives

Brilliant experience with My-iClinic for laser eye surgery. The team are clearly experts in the area, and I felt well looked after through the entire process. Honest, friendly and professional, I thoroughly recommend My-iClinic for anyone considering laser corrective surgery.

Priti Patel

Really pleased with the outcome of my lens replacement in one eye and laser surgery in other eye, carried out by Dr John Bolger and his colleagues. Wonderful not to have to rely on glasses all the time, just for small print. I was nervous before attending the clinic, but felt reassured and confident in their ability to improve my vision and reduce my need for glasses all the time. The testing, surgery and after care were first class, all carried out in a caring and professional manner and I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic.

Mrs Howell

I had laser eye surgery done at My-iClinic and couldn’t be more pleased with the result- I can see perfectly now! The team is truly amazing; so welcoming and made me feel very confident during the process. The clinic is so nice it feels like home and I would highly recommend My-iClinic

Louise Bett

I was recommended to My-iClinic by a consultant ophthalmic surgeon……he said it was the only place to go for laser vision correction………and I think he was absolutely right! John Bolger and his team are all, without exception, a pleasure to deal with and they are all professional, informative and assuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them……the aftercare is outstanding too……and even better….I can see!!


Have been dreaming about laser eye surgery since I was 15. Can’t believe that my eyes can actually see right now without contacts, woow. Will recommend your clinic to all of my friends. Mr. Bolger is the best.

Abbie Tillman

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“I find that I have to use my reading glasses more and more”

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About Our London Eye Clinic Experts

Meet the My-iClinic founders, Mr John Bolger and Ms Bola Odufuwa. Two consultant eye surgeons who made it their life goal to make your life better.

Image of Bola Odufuwa

Bola Odufuwa-Bolger

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Clinic Director

Bola Odufuwa is a consultant ophthalmologist at The Royal Free Hospital and My-iClinic. Her specialities include cataract, glaucoma, paediatric, and laser refractive surgery. Bola has had extensive training at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, where she gained expertise in the management of various eye conditions.

Bola Odufuwa’s special interests include optimal refractive outcomes following cataract surgery, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, and assessment eyesight in children with special needs: particularly dyslexia and autism.

Image of John Bolger

Mr John Bolger

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Clinic Director

John Bolger is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinic Director at My-iClinic. His specialities include ophthalmology, laser refractive surgery (SMILE, Presbyond, LASIK, PRK, PTK), refractive lens exchange (RLE), cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and macular degeneration.

Over the course of his career, John Bolger has carried out over 35,000 cataract operations, 20 of which were for eye surgeons. He has also taught over 1500 young ophthalmologists worldwide as they begin their surgical careers.

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