LASIK is a fantastic procedure for correcting vision. Millions of people have had their vision improved by LASIK eye surgery already. Some people are unsuited for LASIK and could benefit from getting LASEK, a similar procedure that employs a different way of opening the cornea.

However, we believe that SMILE is a better option for most patients. SMILE however is a new iteration of laser vision correction which is less invasive, safer with the same excellent results. The SMILE laser is able to refocus the cornea without cutting a flap. Patients who have had SMILE laser correction have excellent vision but with a shorter period of dryness afterwards and the corneal sensory nerves remain intact and not cut. The cornea is also stronger and not vulnerable to injury after SMILE.

While SMILE is the best option for most, LASIK or LASEK can still be the best procedure for some people. Get in touch with our surgeons and we will discuss what the best course of action is for your particular case.