Overseas Patients

Patients from overseas are more than welcome to attend My-iClinic to receive any treatment or surgery they may require. My-iClinic is clean, safe and friendly, and the aftercare we offer is sublime.

My-iClinic is based in North London, not far from the M25, making us very easy to access from all major airports.

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My-iClinic will provide you with details of comfortable, local accommodation and an excellent car company to collect you from the airport and take you to your chosen destination.

Why My-iClinic?

Many patients travel to the UK from abroad to undergo surgery at My-iClinic. The clinic is staffed by surgeons and nurses who have trained in Britain and hold British qualifications. All our procedures meet or exceed the standards of the relevant overseeing authorities; our cataract and glaucoma treatments, for example, use only the best materials and products, yet our prices are lower than other UK eye clinics. You can book your appointments and treatment sessions before you travel to Britain so that you know how much time you will need. If you are not staying with family in London, we can recommend a number of good, economical hotels nearby.

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