We are still open and offering e-consultation.

Following government advice, My-iClinic will remain open and running as usual. We are still taking new patients and all appointments scheduled before the lockdown will continue to go ahead.

We will keep this under constant review and if for any reason your appointment needs to be rescheduled, we will notify you prior to this.

Stay safe!

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Normal vision is a necessity not a luxury

We focus on laser eye surgery and cataract surgery at a price you can afford
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What we do

At My-iClinic, we bring the best eye care knowledge and experience to help our treasured patients at an affordable price.

Cataract Surgery

If you have a cataract, cataract surgery will remove it.

Cataract surgery can be a life-changer

Cataract surgery can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your cataract removed and be out of glasses and contacts for good.

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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss. Catch it early...

Catch the silent thief of sight

Glaucoma can result in permanent visual impairment in some patients. Therefore screening is essential…

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Children & Myopia Control

We can halt the progression of your child's short-sightedness...

Give your child the best chance

We offer a full range of medical services and lifestyle practices to help combat myopia in children at any age.

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Laser Vision Correction

For short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia

Be free of glasses and contact lenses

Our technology and expertise in laser vision correction for all ages 21 and over is both affordable and effective.

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Which best describes you?


“I can only see clearly when I wear my glasses or contact lenses”

woman with glasses
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“I find that I have to use my reading glasses more and more”

man reading with glasses
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“I can’t see as well as I used to, I think there may be a problem…”

women hugging
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Who can we help?

We do our best to understand your needs and aims so we can offer you the best vision correction options
young girl


It’s worrying, because you know that good vision is essential for them to not fall behind, both developmentally and socially. So, you’re looking for a child-friendly and affordable eye doctor who can help give your child the best opportunity to live a visually able life.

vc conditions


They get in the way of your lifestyle and are burning a hole in your finances. You feel frustrated and inconvenienced by them and you’d very much like to be rid of them. Importantly, you don’t want to subject the safety of your eyes to a cheap deal and you don’t want to pay more than what’s fair.



You own multiple pairs of reading glasses or varifocals. While they’re a fact of ageing, you don’t feel like you should need them yet. You’d really like to get rid of them but you’re nowhere near ready for cataract surgery. If only there was a procedure as safe and effective as LASIK, but for someone like you…


Your sight is deteriorating, and the daily routine is becoming a bit of a struggle.

You want to be active and independent, but cumbersome glasses keep letting you down.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your natural vision restored and to regain that freedom?

What do our patients say?

We are proud to make a meaningful difference to our patients lives

Brilliant experience with My-iClinic for laser eye surgery. The team are clearly experts in the area, and I felt well looked after through the entire process. Honest, friendly and professional, I thoroughly recommend My-iClinic for anyone considering laser corrective surgery.

Ms Priti Patel

I had a really satisfactory experience with my-iClinic and am quite happy with the results of the surgery and the aftercare. I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to have any kind of eye surgery with them. Absolutely brilliant.?

Lex Bhagad

I was struggling with a viral conjunctivitis. After 2 visits to Moorfields and the condition getting worse, I was recommended to My-iClinic. I felt instantly looked after, and was seen almost daily due to the severity of the virus. It has now been 4 weeks and I am well on the mend thanks to the care and patience of Mr Bolger. I also found the pricing of this practice extremely reasonable unlike most of private practice medicine.

Beverly Herman

I’d highly recommend this clinic because of its nice, friendly and experienced team; they all are very professional in every aspect, you would get the best advise here! Also, the clinic looks very modern from the inside and you will just feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process in a place like this.

Valeriy Stepanov

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The best way to find out if laser eye treatment is right for you is to have an in-person assessment. You’ll get a clear answer from our experts on your suitability and vision correction options.
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5 steps to become free of glasses and contact lenses

Before laser eye surgery or laser vision correction can take place, it is imperative to have a detailed eye examination. During the examination, we run a series of tests that are not uncomfortable or invasive and typically take a maximum of two hours. The tests allow us to understand your eyes and ensure that you are free of any pathology.

We’ll provide you with clear and helpful instructions leading up to your surgery to prepare you for a successful and seamless day.

On the day of the procedure, you’ll be surprised by how efficient and comfortable your experience will be. We’ll surround you in comfort. While we realise we are not a spa (sorry, no mud baths), we aim to make you feel just as relaxed. 

Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating the immediate results. We’ll also want to jump up and down a few times with you to celebrate the freedom and happiness you will feel!

Now that you’ve embraced vision correction, you’ll want to follow our helpful suggestions for a smooth, fast recovery. We’ll send you home with ample instruction, guidance and support, including a fun bag of goodies to enjoy! 

As your vision advocates, it is our responsibility to ensure you are happy with your results and continue to support you even after the procedure. 

Choosing the right vision correction clinic is hard. We’ve made it easy with this Price Comparison cheatsheet

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About the experts

Meet the My-iClinic founders, Mr John Bolger and Ms Bola Odufuwa. Two consultant eye surgeons who made it their life goal to make your life better.


Bola Odufuwa

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Clinic Director

Bola Odufuwa is a consultant ophthalmologist at The Royal Free Hospital and My-iClinic. Her specialities include cataract, glaucoma, paediatric, and laser refractive surgery. Bola has had extensive training at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, where she gained expertise in the management of various eye conditions.

Bola Odufuwa’s special interests include optimal refractive outcomes following cataract surgery, non-penetrating glaucoma surgery, and assessment eyesight in children with special needs: particularly dyslexia and autism.


Mr John Bolger

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Clinic Director

John Bolger is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinic Director at My-iClinic. His specialities include ophthalmology, laser refractive surgery (SMILE, Presbyond, LASIK, PRK, PTK), refractive lens exchange (RLE), cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and macular degeneration.

Over the course of his career, John Bolger has carried out over 35,000 cataract operations, 20 of which were for eye surgeons. He has also taught over 1500 young ophthalmologists worldwide as they begin their surgical careers.

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