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Time spent on putting in contacts: What’s the alternative?

Being shortsighted is a pain. Waking up every morning doing the same routine over and over again, morning and then the reverse at night, just to see normally isn’t how we were designed to be. We timed roughly how long it takes to put your contacts in.

If you’re a real expert at it, it can take roughly 30 seconds to put your contacts in the morning and the same to remove them in the evening. That’s 1 minute a day every day. 365 minutes a year. 6 hours and 5 minutes a year every year all your life! Imagine what could you do in that time instead? In that time you could swim two 10k marathons every year! Providing you are a strong swimmer. Or you could run a full marathon?

If you’re someone who lives an active lifestyle but also wears contact lenses, you already know the amount of hassle there is just to get going. 

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For swimmers, wearing contact lenses must be avoided while in the water to stop bacteria or worse, amoebae, contaminating your eyes and damaging your vision. Contact lenses are mostly water so that in effect wearing soft contacts is like having a mini puddle of stagnant water sitting on your cornea. Water is known to change the shape of soft contact lenses, they can swell and stick to the eye. This is extremely uncomfortable and can scratch the cornea – making it easier for germs to get into your eyes and cause an infection. That is why soft contact lenses cannot be worn while swimming, or in the bath or shower. But how can avoid this when you need to be able to see to swim?

Laser eye surgery!

Laser eye surgery takes just 27 seconds and lasts forever. This means no more special gear that’s designed to help people who wear contact lenses/glasses, no more hassle getting prepared to participate in activities. But, most importantly, laser eye surgery allows you to improve your performance, and allows you to become a better version of yourself! You can be back on the track, in the pool or just in the gym almost immediately with better vision than ever. And remember, SMILE laser correction is new and different.

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Mr John Bolger | Consultant Ophthalmologist / Clinic Director


John Bolger is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinic Director at My-iClinic. He specialises in ophthalmology, laser refractive surgery (SMILE, Presbyond, LASIK, PRK, PTK), refractive lens exchange (RLE), cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and macular degeneration.

Over the course of his career, John Bolger has carried out over 35,000 cataract operations, 20 of which were for eye surgeons. He has also taught over 1500 young ophthalmologists worldwide as they begin their surgical careers.

Bolger has observed and played a part in the evolution of modern ophthalmology. He was one of the first surgeons to introduce microincision cataract surgery to the UK; he witnessed the advent of the femtosecond laser that is used in SMILE procedures and is seeing huge progress in the treatment of glaucoma and wet macular degeneration.

Remaining at the forefront of these advancements ensures that he is always providing his patients with the very best and latest treatments, whatever their condition.

In his free time, John Bolger enjoys flying helicopters, playing classical guitar, baking bread and pastries, and making fresh pasta.