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Why contact wearers should ditch contacts and opt for laser

Being shortsighted is expensive. Choosing a trendy designer style frame with high-quality lenses can easily push the price into hundreds of pounds. And then a year or so later you have to buy yet another pair. Contact lenses too are not cheap – if you choose high quality from a reputable optometrist, the annual cost can be similar. And even you choose contact lenses as your solution you’ll need a backup pair of glasses. Wouldn’t it be nice then, to be able to go to your optometrist and spend the money instead on a really cool pair of high-end shades?

Have you ever calculated how much money you’ll spend over your lifetime for being shortsighted? £500 a year is about average but you can spend less or even more. From the age of 20 to 28, that’s £4000- the cost of laser correction. And you have another 60 years or so to go!

And what about the time cost? Let’s say you take 30 seconds to put your contacts in the morning and the same to remove them in the evening. That’s 1 minute a day every day. 365 minutes a year. 6 hours and 5 minutes a year every year all your life! What could you do in that time instead?

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Now, look at how much plastic you are going to add to the ocean during a lifetime of contact lens wear. Water companies are already complaining about the number of discarded contact lenses causing problems in our water treatment systems. The average weight of a contact lens is about 16gms. Approximately 50% of it is water, that leaves 8grms, that’s 16grms daily. That’s 116.8 Kg over a 20 year period. Or about your own body weight in plastic, every 10 years or so.

Oh and by the way, laser eye surgery takes just 27 seconds and lasts forever, uses 80grms of recyclable plastic, and with all the money you save you can enjoy going to your optometrist and choosing those really cool shades you’ve always admired. And when you look at the ocean, it will be cleaner!

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Mr John Bolger | Consultant Ophthalmologist / Clinic Director


John Bolger is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinic Director at My-iClinic. He specialises in ophthalmology, laser refractive surgery (SMILE, Presbyond, LASIK, PRK, PTK), refractive lens exchange (RLE), cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment and macular degeneration.

Over the course of his career, John Bolger has carried out over 35,000 cataract operations, 20 of which were for eye surgeons. He has also taught over 1500 young ophthalmologists worldwide as they begin their surgical careers.

Bolger has observed and played a part in the evolution of modern ophthalmology. He was one of the first surgeons to introduce microincision cataract surgery to the UK; he witnessed the advent of the femtosecond laser that is used in SMILE procedures and is seeing huge progress in the treatment of glaucoma and wet macular degeneration.

Remaining at the forefront of these advancements ensures that he is always providing his patients with the very best and latest treatments, whatever their condition.

In his free time, John Bolger enjoys flying helicopters, playing classical guitar, baking bread and pastries, and making fresh pasta.